Welcome to Sparkgeo
We build next generation web mapping applications.

>> Geospatial Technology

Location based systems, mapping applications, GIS. Yeah, but the key is compelling user engagement. We build that user engagement and we use maps to do it.

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>> GIS Analysis

Geographic Analysis is our foundation. We answer questions using geography and maps. We can support your GIS needs and make sure you get the answers you need.

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>> Our Work

We have worked across the world putting maps on the Internet, here are a few examples:

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mammothtrails - mapping trails

We put Mammoth Lakes' (CA) trails on the web! A fully responsive web map, with a sweet QR-code network. Go check it out at Mammoth Lakes!

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Global Consumption

overthehorizon maps

Using Google Maps Engine we built a way to visualize global consumption for the Wildlife Conservation Society.

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maptiks - build a better map

Maptiks is a technology that will help you build a better map by measuring user engagement and map performance.

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