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The Problem

The Mammoth Lakes Trail and Public Access foundation wanted to help the general public learn about their amazing trail network. They had great GIS data but didn't have the expertise to help them get that data on the web.

Our Solution

Sparkgeo built a framework which allows the foundation to showcase their world class recreation resource!

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… and this is what happened

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We grew! The popularity of is growing fast, we now get 8000 pageviews a week. That means that there are 8000 pages of authoritative information about the trail network being viewed by potential visitors every week!


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John Wentworth

CEO and Board President at Mammoth Lakes Trails and Public Access Foundation

"Sparkgeo truly understand the meaning of teamwork when working on complex applications, and bring so much more to the table than simply their mastery of GIS and geospatial data. They responded to our call for creative solutions to the delivery of GIS and geospatial data in a contemporary and responsive consumer web and multi-platform application. Sparkgeo delivered in spades. If you're fortunate enough to have a project to match with Sparkgeo's unique skill sets, you will be happy campers."

//Technology Highlights

Trail Management

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The content in this application is linked together, meaning that a series of related trails or experiences is suggested the user with each trail they visit. In this manner it's possible to optimize the experience of the user.

Editable Trail Pages

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A full featured content management system allows administrators to add and edit content easily. Resulting in a series of well formatted, informative trail, activity destination and experience pages. including the ability to directly import GIS data.

QR Codes

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A network of QR codes across the Mammoth Lakes trail signage link directly to the content. Each QR code provides the mobile user with extra media or way-finding information, based on their present location.

Mobile Focused Pages

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This site is built in a responsive manner which means that the site will respond to the size of the browser window, so whether you are on a smart phone, a tablet or a desktop computer, it will look great.

Trail Update & Alert System

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A system wide update can be set to provide a wide status for the network, additionally individual system alerts can be set to warn users of potential hazards.

Trail Sponsorship & Partnerships

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A mechanism for local organizations to sponsor trails, experiences and destinations allows for the opportunity to generate revenue and spread the trail network news further.

//Built by Sparkgeo

Sparkgeo built this application in response to a public request from the Mammoth Lakes Trail and Public Access Foundation. This project has enormous community and multi-organizational involvement. Sparkgeo delivered this product on time and within the expected budget. The application is up and running and being managed by the Town of Mammoth Lakes.

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