//We added some geospatial to Nextdoor's mix has a team of dedicated and talented engineers. Sparkgeo was able to add some specialized geospatial expertise to their talent mix to support scaling their geospatial infrastructure ready for massive growth. We augmented their team, adopting their tools, their development processes and acting as an internal resource until our job was complete. In this manner we provide short or long term advice and development capacity. This is especially critical when a consumer web company needs just enough help to get up to speed, or is in need of capacity to get a project delivered on time.
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David Wiesen

Co-founder and Director of Engineering at

"Sparkgeo has been critical for us as we have undertaken the large project of re-thinking, re-designing and rebuilding the geospatial databases and infrastructure that power Nextdoor.

Their deep understanding of geospatial data, database technologies, and software development in general has been an invaluable asset to us. Though working remotely, communication with Sparkgeo has been frequent and open.

As we continue to build out our core geo infrastructure, we are poised to grow and expand to other datasets and other markets, including international ones. Sparkgeo's expertise and hard work has helped put us in this position."

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Sparkgeo is passionate about building the geospatial web.

With our unique blend of software engineering and geospatial expertise we provide a spectrum of advice from development to strategy. We understand the full scope of a geospatial project from dirty data to geospatial unit testing to enormous infrastructure.

We help technology companies leverage location and geographic data, and we would love to help you too.

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