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Geospatial Development

The "geoweb". That describes the use of spatial analysis, location and mapping products on the internet. That's what we think anyway. We build applications which use mapping, location and mobile technologies to get your message across to your users. So, maybe you have trails like Mammoth Lakes you want to show off on the web, or you want to capture stories, or even want to map a tweet, then that's our bag. We have certified Google Maps & KML developers, a bunch of experience in the GIS trenches and a willingness to be challenged.

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Geospatial Strategy

Location is the new black. The question is how, why, what and where? Picking the right tools for the job and making a plan to execute a geospatial or GIS project can be a daunting prospect. We've been in this business for a good long time and can help you get the most of the geographic technology available. We are not affiliated with any technology vendors, but we do have preferences, for good reasons! We constantly look around for the new technologies that will disrupt our business and one usually comes up every year.

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GIS Analysis

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) can be pretty fiddly. We have been asked endless GIS questions and have faced numerous data complications. We can likely get to the bottom of your GIS query too. We have operational experience with raster and vector analysis and a depth of experience with remote sensing. Even better than all that; we can actually deliver your project. We have a project management process we use, called 'Velocity'. We called it that because velocity keeps your project running fast and in the right direction.

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