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The Problem

You know you need a map on your website, but you have no idea where to start? You think that you could be using location data more efficiently? You want to build a full-featured location based technology and need some engineering support?

Our Solution

Sparkgeo has a wide breadth of geospatial experience, we can quite literally build anything geographic, its the internet!

The Geospatial Web is a term used to describe the combination of geospatial data with other data on the web. This creates an environment where its possible to ask spatial questions, like:

Where is my nearest…?

Building a spatial infrastructure allows you to build these questions into your business workflows. Let us show you how!


Picture of John

John Wentworth

CEO and Board President at Mammoth Lakes Trails and Public Access Foundation

"Sparkgeo truly understand the meaning of teamwork when working on complex applications, and bring so much more to the table than simply their mastery of GIS and geospatial data. They responded to our call for creative solutions to the delivery of GIS and geospatial data in a contemporary and responsive consumer web and multi-platform application. Sparkgeo delivered in spades. If you're fortunate enough to have a project to match with Sparkgeo's unique skill sets, you will be happy campers."

"Location is the new black." I said that nine months ago, and it has never been more true. Location drives users to businesses, and incents them towards profitable transactions. I've worked with Sparkgeo on a large, map-based conservation project, but elements of the geoweb manifest themselves in every other project that I am involved with...
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Jim Lynch


Picture of Jim

Aaron Tolson

COO at Badger Mapping

"Sparkgeo has done a phenomenal job for us in developing some high performance pieces of our web application. Our app would not have the responsiveness and speed that it does without Sparkgeo's clever approaches to some tough GIS problems that we've encountered. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to get strong performance out of a complex location-based web app."

//Technology Highlights

Google Maps

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With certified Google Maps and Google Earth developers, Sparkgeo is at the leading edge of custom Google Maps development. additionally we are listed on the Google Earth outreach list for our work with the non-profit community.

Google Earth

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Sometimes you need the extra dimension. Sparkgeo has built expertise in linking Google Earth to the web in a meaningful manner. Our key concern is in controlling the user experience so they are fully immersed in your story.

Custom Web Mapping

Custom Web Mapping

Your data is unlike everyone else's, we can ensure your map is your own too. Without losing the familiarity and comfort of Google Maps we can deliver a unique and cutting edge cartographic experience to your users.

Responsive Web

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We build our sites in a responsive manner. This means your map can be viewed on numerous different browsers and it will still fit. Additionally we can leverage the different aspects of the user's platform to heighten their experience further.

Remote Sensing

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Studying the Earth from a space, or airborne platform can provide amazing insight to our world. At sparkgeo we take pride in joining technologies together, leveraging remote sensing' imagery and techniques from the web is a speciality.

Geospatial Engineering

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We've collected data from some audacious places and we aren't afraid of engineering any kind of geospatial technology. At sparkgeo we specialize in joining technology together. Does your geospatial world used joined up writing yet?

//Built by Sparkgeo

At sparkgeo we join technologies together to build next generation web mapping applications. We want to help you tell your stories to your users using maps and the internet.

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