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The Problem

GIS is a complex series of functions, which can be essential to a business' workflow. Often, however the magnitude of GIS work doesn't quite warrant the cost of a full-time GIS person. More-so if you factor in the cost of training and technology.

Our Solution

Sparkgeo has built a communications process which supports a virtual GIS office. We can now provide a suite of GIS services to anywhere on Earth (that has at least partial connectivity). We can provide complex analysis, automation and distribution services right to your computer.

Sparkgeo uses a combination of technologies to deliver an excellent GIS and communications platform. We will be both engaged and knowledgable in your project work and ensure you hit your business goals.

Our experience ranges from Municipal GIS to First Nations training to Silicon Valley web engineering. But with our base in the North of British Columbia we are well positioned to serve the resource sector with a breadth of geospatial expertise.


Picture of Rod

Rod Lenton

RDL Forestry Consultants

"RDL started up this year (2011). The first year of any business is tough. But RDL focused on innovation. Sparkgeo has helped sculpt systems, which have made them 10% more efficient in the field, whilst being even safer, even the back office time has been halved. Who said cruising was low margin?"

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GIS Analysis

GIS Analysis

GIS Analysis can be complex and result in enormous datasets. We love building models, refining data and discovering new things about our world. Lets us guide your geospatial analysis project, no matter how complex and no matter how much data you have!


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Automation and workflow management can make an onerous GIS task, a breeze. You know that saving time saves you money, so let us refine your workflow, build some tools and let you put your feet up for a while. Let the computer serve you for a change!


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Distributing data can be a pain. Getting deliverable products into the hands of your field crews, or other offices or your clients can be logistically complex and hugely frustrating. We have a toolkit for data distribution to fit all needs.

Remote Sensing

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Remote sensing is a black art! Discerning spectral signatures, building supervised classifications, designing ground truth surveys. Let us help you discover mineral deposits, manage forest canopies, measure urban spread or whatever you want to discover about the world around you.


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The key to a successful GIS project is communication. What analysis is being conducted? Who asked for what data at which scales? We speak GIS as well as human and will ensure that you get the product you want. We also have a suite of collaboration technologies which means your GIS office is only the click of a button away.

Project Management

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We've invented our own collaboration based project management system, its called velocity and it puts the client in the driving seat. We will ask you to be engaged in the project and we will ensure that we deliver exactly what you want, by asking the right questions and listening to your answers. Sounds simple right..?

//Built by Sparkgeo

Sparkgeo designed the virtual GIS office to supply a need to the resource and geospatial communities. In fact any community that needs GIS services, but might not be able to justify the cost of a full resource, can now get access to a fully equipped GIS office. Our collaboration platforms allow excellent levels of communication which will keep your projects running smoothly.

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